Make a Statement With Our Garment Printing Services

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Want to rep your community basketball team with pride? Looking to liven up your next business retreat? Dyer Concepts has got your back! We provide high-quality garment printing services in Montrose, CO. You choose the type, color and size of the garments that you want your designs printed on. Don't worry - we'll make sure your selected garments are compatible with our direct-to-garment printing process before we begin.

Using the advanced Brother GTX Pro, we'll transfer your idea to your chosen garment. We offer graphic design work where needed and can add verbiage to your concept if asked. Front prints or single-sided printing on basic T-shirts start at $18. Printing on both sides starts at $21. Other options will vary in price. We offer discounts for orders of 36 garments or more.

Learn more by calling or texting 970-975-0718.

Our detailed printing process

Whether you want to add a specific design or logo to T-shirts or sweatshirts, leave the job to Dyer Concepts in Montrose, CO. When you request our garment printing services, we'll go through our direct-to-garment printing process. Here's the breakdown:

  • A water-based pretreatment solution is applied initially. Then we apply the white inks during the actual printing process.
  • We'll load your pre-treated garments onto the printer's platen
  • We'll print your desired design with careful precision
  • We'll heat-cure your garments to set the inks
We print on Hanes 100% cotton garments. If you choose to provide your own clothing or request a different brand, they must be at least 30% cotton. *Modal is an incompatible material and we can not print on garments made with it.*

We're all about delivering quality and customer satisfaction, and we believe in keeping our information clear and concise. Have any more questions? Feel free to reach out! Place your order today. We can't wait to hear your idea.